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Aspiri engaged to address Commercial Lending Operating Model shortcomings

Aspiri Consulting was chosen over a Big 4 consulting firm to develop and implement an enterprise-wide, scalable, end-to-end commercial credit process. The $30B bank recognized the current model is riddled with inconsistent, ineffective, and inefficient practices no longer suited for their size and growth goals.

The Aspiri Consultants will need to address shortcomings in multiple areas across people, process, and technology. The proven 5-step BASIC methodology to Build a plan, Analyze the process, Streamline the process, Implement the new process, and set-up for Continuous improvement will be leveraged. While applying this project methodology, on-going change management practices will be used to improve the acceptance and adoption of this new process.

Aspiri Consulting appreciates the trust our clients put in us with every engagement. The team looks forward to delivering our client's business aspirations on another important initiative.

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