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Aspiri delivers clear, consistent, and scalable Commercial Lending Operating Model

Aspiri Consulting developed and implemented a clear, consistent, and scalable commercial lending model (structure, process, technology).

SITUATION: The new Chief Credit Officer of the $32B bank recognized the current model was constrained by inconsistent processes, ineffective policies, and inefficient practices no longer suited for their size and growth goals. He asked Aspiri Consulting for help in designing and implementing a clear, consistent, and scalable operating model for the future.

ACTION: The Aspiri team visited every market to lead 25 working sessions conduct thirty-one interviews to create 56 process maps and surface 51 enhancement opportunities (aka, pain points) for improvement. We then formed five Process Improvement Teams (PITs) of influential and knowledgeable client staff to focus on these opportunities. Through the work of these PITs we were able to:

• Design one consistent 62-step end-to-end commercial lending process that flows through five stages of Prescreen the request, Analyze the deal, Take for approval, Handle through close, and Enter to systems (also known as OnePATHE).

• Streamline the decision making process for new and renewed loans as well as annual reviews.

• Clarify roles, responsibilities, and qualifications with the introduction of Job Families for the Human Resources department.

• Delivered training with an 84-page training manual and a well received 11" x 17" Quick Reference Guide to educate the staff on the process with emphasis on those elements that were changing. The training was delivered by a highly respected 3-person panel of client staff in four waves of 6 sessions attended by over 150 cross-functional employees in every market and job function. Along with the training, monthly newsletters ("OneVoice"), All Hands Calls, and a coordinated series of communications reduced resistance and enhanced adoption throughout the roll-out.

• Build one consistent deal pipeline tracking system to replace multiple Excel spreadsheets. This reduced consolidation effort and improved visibility for relationship managers, sales leaders, credit, loan administration / operations, and finance.

RESULT: A Credit Review Manager commented, "...the process is one of the best I've seen in over 25 years of credit experience. Well done!" Others seem to agree, as all eight commercial banking markets now follow the OnePATHE. They have a clear, consistent, and scalable commercial lending model that allows them to grow while continuing to provide excellent service to a demanding customer base.

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