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Managing Project Uncertainty advice published on PMI's

Aspiri Consulting's Founder & CEO, Troy Edelen, had his advice on how to manage project uncertainty published on (owned by PMI, Project Management Institute). Based on his recent experience with the SBA's Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), he shared 7 tips on how to deal with project uncertainty.

The PPP was signed into law on March 27, 2020 with applications promised to be accepted the following week. Over the next two months, 15 interim final rules (IFR) were issued to address major components of the program. In addition, a running FAQ document was started on April 3rd (the go-live date) and added to 17 more times, for a total of 48 questions as of June 1st. With the speed of the launch and many details yet to be worked out, the level of uncertainty was about as high as it could get.

SUMMARY: Generally, every tip provided is about creating and sustaining a high degree of nimbleness in how you manage a project with a high level of uncertainly. That nimbleness served us well as we secured $800 million in funding for over 3,100 small business while saving roughly 96,000 jobs in the first 26 days.


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