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Return-to-the-Workplace tips published on PMI's

The rapid deployment of stay-at-home orders drove one of the fastest and most dramatic changes in the workplace we have probably ever seen—a change for which few were prepared. Companies were forced to close workplaces practically overnight. Businesses shifted to remote working practices and technology with little time to prepare for a smooth transition. In many cases, employees and their managers were forced to navigate the new working environment with little guidance. Limited communication, scarce training, and unclear expectations were the norm. 

For employees to feel safe returning to the workplace and adhere to the protections once they get there, they must fully buy-in. They must have confidence in the overall plan while adopting, utilizing and becoming proficient in the changes to the new workplace. To earn their buy-in, we must engage employees throughout the planning and implementation in purposeful and practical ways. 

This article published by the Project Management Institute (PMI) provides five tips to improve employee engagement as they return to the workplace. If you can't access this article via the link below, please email to have a PDF version sent to you.

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