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Aspiri completes Program Lead Engagement

Aspiri Consulting completed another successful engagement with a Global Speciality Retailer as the software transformation program lead. We were brought in to provide a level of project discipline that would be most effective. Given the client's culture was not receptive to strict and rigorous project management structure, processes, and tools, adaptations were in order. So we:

• Guided the 7 work stream leaders to create Key Milestone Plans (rather than detailed Project Plans)

• Developed a simple 3-part weekly status report to maintain focus on executing their plans while providing leadership the visibility they needed

• Cleaned up the existing Issues Log spreadsheet to make it a useful tool while also tracking issues on our work room wall with attention grabbing post-it notes

• Consolidated Milestone Plans into a Master Program Roadmap (think large Gantt chart) with clearly marked open and closed milestones across a rolling 4-month window (a big hit with the program's sponsor!)

• Published a bi-weekly newsletter updating the brand employees on key program accomplishments, highlighted individual success stories, and next steps while acknowledging deployment shortcomings and how they were being addressed

• Hosted daily stand-up meetings to keep work stream leaders informed, on task, addressing issues, and keeping program business leaders engaged

If your projects need a culturally sensitive approach, we'd love to discuss how Aspiri Consulting can help you as well.

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