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Aspiri develops an eCommerce Supply Chain Workshop for a Global FMCG Company

Aspiri Consulting developed a half-day training / workshop entitled, "Value Chain for eBusiness," as part of the global FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company's coordinated supply chain improvement program. The objectives were to educate the regional logistics teams and empower them to focus on their own highest value opportunities to improve partnerships with eRetailers. The program involved:


• Understand the eCommerce Ecosystem with key trends in 1) online retailing and 2) consumer behaviors

• Understand eCommerce Supply Chain Leading Practices involving 1) eLogistics, 2) collaborative relationships, 3) demand management, 4) eCommerce friendly packaging, 5) talent development, and 6) evolving key performance indicators


• Identify highest value opportunities to bridge each region's gaps between their current state and leading practices (conveyed in the training) and develop high-level action plans

• Envision the future by starting with provided examples of cutting edge innovations in the eCommerce ecosystem, eLogistics, and big data

The result, once delivered to each regional logistics team, will be better informed decision making and planning to leverage unique regional opportunities to improve performance in the critical eCommerce field.

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