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Aspiri recommends improvements to grow Conference Sponsorships

Aspiri Consulting provided prioritized recommendations to the host of a conference for sales development professionals to attract, enhance, and retain event sponsorships.

SITUATION: The conference host was looking to double the size of the conference in 2018. They asked Aspiri for help in aggregating this year's attendee data to include in next year's Sponsor Prospectus. But we went a step further by assessing the event website and Sponsor Prospectus itself so our client could reach their 2x growth aspirations.


  • Conducted a gap analysis covering 11 topics comparing their website and Sponsor Prospectus with leading conference practices

  • Aggregated 8 attendee data fields (per the original request)

  • Provided four samples of Sponsor Prospectus' that demonstrated leading practices

  • Recommended 10 improvements spanning compelling metrics, sponsorship options, visual layout, and ease of access with priority rating (H,M,L) and timing for each recommendation

  • Mocked-up an 18-page Sponsor Prospectus based on the recommendations specific to the document itself

RESULTS: "Totally overdelivered!" was how the client described our work. Once the recommendations are incorporated, the host will have a compelling sponsor value proposition that is effective and easy to convey to both new and returning sponsors via the 2018 Sponsor Prospectus.

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