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Aspiri Consulting engaged as Advisor to Operating Model Transformation

Aspiri Consulting has been engaged as the Strategic Advisor for the Marketing Division of a Top 5 US Bank. The Marketing function is going through a significant operating model transformation from a decentralized line-of-business model to a centralized, shared-services model. Getting this right in both the transition period and the final future state is critical for uninterrupted and sustainable performance. They have reached out to Aspiri Consulting as a special advisor during this important time.

Aspiri Consulting will provide counsel based on our years of experience and expertise in successful operating model transformations. Our team will review and offer advice on strategies, plans, roles, processes, and many tactical elements involved in this effort including the creation of a Portfolio Management Office (PMO). We will highlight risks and offer mitigating strategies to ease the transition and set up the new operating model for long-term success.

If your business or division is considering or embarking upon an operating model transformation, please contact us at for more information on how we can help.

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